Reader Story Submission: 35 Flowers for 35 Years

There is a reason why I write on this blog and this morning after receiving this email from one of my subscribers, I realized that it’s actually making a good impact on some people. This is an amazing story of how meditation and intuition helped a woman grieving the recent loss of her husband who gave her the ultimate gift in this situation: acknowledgement. Below is the email she sent to me this morning in which I have received her permission to post this to the website.


My husband and I were together for thirty four years. Our relationship was magical; it wasn’t without the usual argument here and there but our connection and love for each other was undeniable. He meant the world to me as I did to him and each day that passed, we were as excited as ever to continue being together for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately for both of us, the magic didn’t happen for much longer before our 35th anniversary. After a mild stroke at the beginning of this Spring, we found that he had lung cancer which was stage four. For both of us it was heart-breaking, gut wrenching and of course we were scared. We did everything the doctors had told us to do though since he was older, we rejected the treatments as it would only put him in more pain with no guarantee of life expectancy. He wanted it to be him and I at home to live out which would be his final weeks. Continue reading


The Orbs on My Bathroom Door

A couple of nights after the photos of the orbs were taken, I was home alone. It was pretty late and I had just finished watching a show. I had talked to my guides for a few minutes and decided it was time to head to bed. I shut off all of the lights; I could barely see in front of me as my eyes had not adjusted to the darkness so I just stood there for a few seconds. Once my eyes adjusted enough to where I could see everything, I entered the hall to go to my room. Straight ahead is my daughters’ room which had the door closed, on the right was my bathroom and on the left was my bedroom. As I stepped into the hallway past the hall entrance doors, I look up to Continue reading

The death that sparked a change.

Growing up, I had no idea what I wanted to be and I definitely didn’t think that at the age of 33 I would still be asking myself the same question. For the longest time, I can remember wanting to be a model and although living in a small city with my mother would probably get me nowhere in the modelling industry, neither did moving to Toronto years later. I always knew I was an entrepreneur at heart but really had no idea what my talents were and to be honest, I still don’t know. I knew I had creativity and a passion for helping people but how could I use that to make money and without knowing what I was good at, I was good for nothing. I started with photography, I had a good eye for taking pictures and that eventually ended up with my having a photography business. On the side I used my creative abilities and desire to help others by launching a Continue reading