Reader Story Submission: 35 Flowers for 35 Years

There is a reason why I write on this blog and this morning after receiving this email from one of my subscribers, I realized that it’s actually making a good impact on some people. This is an amazing story of how meditation and intuition helped a woman grieving the recent loss of her husband who gave her the ultimate gift in this situation: acknowledgement. Below is the email she sent to me this morning in which I have received her permission to post this to the website.


My husband and I were together for thirty four years. Our relationship was magical; it wasn’t without the usual argument here and there but our connection and love for each other was undeniable. He meant the world to me as I did to him and each day that passed, we were as excited as ever to continue being together for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately for both of us, the magic didn’t happen for much longer before our 35th anniversary. After a mild stroke at the beginning of this Spring, we found that he had lung cancer which was stage four. For both of us it was heart-breaking, gut wrenching and of course we were scared. We did everything the doctors had told us to do though since he was older, we rejected the treatments as it would only put him in more pain with no guarantee of life expectancy. He wanted it to be him and I at home to live out which would be his final weeks. Continue reading


A Random Act of Kindness has made a huge impact.

It’s been a while since I had done any sort of random act of kindness but last night the kids were with their dad, it was the first real nice night out so last minute, I decided to go for a walk to enjoy the night before my children came home the next night.

As I reach the beach (lakeshore) I see some wood but one piece of wood stuck out. I got the inkling to write a message on it and which message I didn’t know and how the heck was I going to write on it? Pen probably wouldn’t work that well but I decided to give it a try. I dug into my purse and saw a marker, I had completely forgot that I put that in my purse this morning! So I sat on a log, picked up the stick, looked up into the sky and said, “Universe, whatever message I get first, I’ll write it down but please make sure it’s for someone who needs it.” A few minutes later I get the Continue reading

The day I unintentionally predicted a Tornado

Everyone has intuition. As a young child, it’s strong but society helps us diminish our ability as we get older by beliefs, thoughts and ignorance. Regardless of the reasoning’s, it’s simply sad that such a powerful and amazing gift that has been given to you, is used to little or not at all. The less people use it, the less powerful it is and it’s unfortunate because it is such an amazing gift. I don’t remember having any intuition when I was younger, for whatever reason. It wasn’t until I turned 33 that a spark ignited inside of me and I realized how powerful mine was.

Here is my first experience with the power of my Intuition. My “just knowing”.

After my father had passed just weeks after I turned 13, I went to live with Continue reading