The simplest act of kindness can truly change a day

I love signs. Not STOP signs and such but signs the Universe gives to you when you really need it. One of my projects from my Sprinkles of Kindness was Happy Hearts, they were hearts I printed, cut out, wrote a message on and laminated.

One evening I took my two kids out for a walk and I told my daughter (4 years old) about these hearts and what they were for. I simply told her that these hearts would be found by anyone who needed that message at that time. Of course more question started pouring out of her mouth because she Continue reading


The day I unintentionally predicted a Tornado

Everyone has intuition. As a young child, it’s strong but society helps us diminish our ability as we get older by beliefs, thoughts and ignorance. Regardless of the reasoning’s, it’s simply sad that such a powerful and amazing gift that has been given to you, is used to little or not at all. The less people use it, the less powerful it is and it’s unfortunate because it is such an amazing gift. I don’t remember having any intuition when I was younger, for whatever reason. It wasn’t until I turned 33 that a spark ignited inside of me and I realized how powerful mine was.

Here is my first experience with the power of my Intuition. My “just knowing”.

After my father had passed just weeks after I turned 13, I went to live with Continue reading

How a death changed my life forever, but not in the way you think.

Growing up, I had no idea what I wanted to be and I definitely didn’t think that at the age of 33 I would still be asking myself the same question. For the longest time, I can remember wanting to be a model and although living in a small city with my mother would probably get me nowhere in the modelling industry, neither did moving to Toronto years later. I always knew I was an entrepreneur at heart but really had no idea what my talents were and to be honest, I still don’t know. I knew I had creativity and a passion for helping people but how could I use that to make money and without Continue reading


How Rocks have Filled a Void #rocksofkindness

I’ve always had this longing to help people and over the past 6 years I have tried a lot of different things to make an impact on others in any helpful way possible. I started a project called Sprinkle of Kindness which is a mix of Random Acts of Kindness and acts of kindness that are specific to people or organizations. It’s been a year since my last event as I was going through my separation and trying to get myself on a new Continue reading