Hi! My name is Christine.

In 2014 after the death of my former father-in-law, my life had changed. I started experiencing things that were hard to explain yet deep inside, I knew exactly what was happening. I was about to embark on a new adventure, one that would take me on a wild, exciting and mind boggling ride. Though today I still am in the process of still trying to understand my gifts and purpose in life, the actually journey has now just started.

Life can be hard and frustrating but it can also be amazing and beautiful. We tend to see the negative over the positive and it’s unfortunate because there are so many beautiful and positive things happening in our world each day. I now choose to live a life of happiness and positivity and I am on a search to find those stories that make people smile and give hope, the people that inspire and make change and the places that provide us with an opportunity to learn, reflect and give us peace, even if it’s only for only a short while.

I will provide stories of my own successes and failures and also how the Universe works with me, not against me (though sometimes it feels like the latter more than anything). My hope is to provide you with as many faucets and opportunity to see the good and the peace that the world has to offer. Additionally I’ll be finding places that provide space and opportunity to learn, indulge, relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul and to light that spark within that I know is there in us all.

Light and Love