Failing gives you opportunities to learn and can put you on a new path; the right path.

When we fail, we often blame ourselves or others because it’s easy to put the blame on something, regardless of what it is. We take it to heart and feel upset, our egos get bruised and we end up creating energy within us that does nothing but harm us and those around us.

We think of failure as something of a bad thing but we should be thinking of it as a learning opportunity and a stepping stone to something that will lead us to where we should be.

I think of failures such as I think of failed relationships; I don’t think of them as a waste of time, I take what I learned from them and move on with the lessons I learned for the next relationship which will eventually land me into the arms of the person I am finally meant to be with.

Next time you fail in something, think about what you learned from it. I can’t find one person that can say there was no learning opportunity for each failure. In the moment, you’re frustrated and upset which is understandable but when the storm passes, I promise you can get to the reason.


Failing is giving you an opportunity to learn more. The Universe gives you plenty of opportunities to learn from those failures so take them as that and stop being so hard on yourself. Everyone fails at one point in their life at something and most people fail a lot more than just once. I can tell you off the top of my head that I’ve failed at minimum 50 times throughout my life and as hard as it was, it wasn’t until I realized that failures were an opportunity that I started to embrace the failures.

Trying to live your life without failures is living a life without learning and all of your failures could be put in place to lead you on a new path.

As an entrepreneurial spirit type of girl, I have had many creative business ideas – many of the ideas I went and spent money, hours upon hours of research and more just to fail. At the time, I couldn’t tell you why I was failing. All of my ideas centered around helping others and bringing peace, happiness and joy to others but I would fail ALL the time. I learned a lot of things not necessarily about the ideas I had but about myself which helped me realize what exactly the plan was for me in my future.

I can say that I am grateful now for all of those failures because had they not happened, I probably wouldn’t be where I am at this stage. Sure, it took 25 years of fail after fail but if I didn’t fail as much as I did, I wouldn’t be where I was meant to be at this age…I’d probably be retired! I wish I would have known this when I was younger but that’s what some of this life is about; learning.

So take some time to think, and dig deep if you have to but regardless of what you might be failing at, spin it for the better and take the opportunity to learn from it.




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