Seeing number combinations such and what do they mean?

Crazy number signs have been popping up a lot these past couple of weeks. I find that numbers are the easiest way for the Universe to get your attention when you’re on the right track. I’ve had a bunch of changes going on in the past couple of months and big one just came up in the past couple of days so I know I am on the right track.

I hear a lot of people asking around on what do certain numbers mean. Unfortunately, we rely too much on others and information that is on the net to help provide us with an answer yet the answer we have is within us. No one can tell you what they mean, except yourself.

When you look at all of the books and resources out that that provide you different explanations on what certain numbers mean, you will find that much of it is different than what you hear from one book to another. This is because seeing number combinations are different from person to person.


For instance, for me the number 11:11 could mean that my father is around me but 11:11 for someone else could mean that the Angels are with them.

When you keep seeing number combination that pop up around you, the fact that you are taking notice is a great thing! Number combinations are the easiest way for the Universe or Spirit to get your attention. These days, it’s easier than ever to get your attention because of smart phones that are in our hands constantly.

If you want to dig deep to find out if specific numbers mean to you, that can come with meditation. Sitting in quiet space with the numbers or even looking deep within yourself to say, when you see this numbers, what are the feelings and thoughts that come along with them.

For me, no one number means anything specific. The Universe gets my attention with double and triple numbers and it always seems to happen when I am trying something new that is for the good of all people or when and idea pops up that will serve myself and others in the best way possible.

I have meditated on this and am excited to share with you a meditation I have created to help you uncover exactly what your numbers mean to you. Whether it is something specific or a Universal code for you, you will be able to finally understand what these number signs mean for you.

Light & Love




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