The first time I sent healing vibes to someone, something amazing happened!

I have heard much about sending positive vibes and often hear people talking about sending positive vibes to someone in need. Some would say they would feel those vibes and even though I was absolutely all for positive energy, I wondered how exactly positive energy could be transferred. One night I tried and something amazing happened!

It was the last night, the final performance that Gord Downie (lead singer of the Canadian band The Tragically Hip) was going to give his fans. He was facing an imminent death from terminal brain cancer. He and his band members setup in the city where they formed, Kingston, Ontario, and broadcast the event everywhere. That evening, my husband at the time and I had went to visit my family in Brantford. Harmony Square (a place they have local events) had set up a big screen to broadcast the event to those in the city that wanted to see it. It was a nice summer night, we walk through the hurdle of people and sat close to the front. Almost immediately an odd feeling started to go through my body and horrible sadness but not my sadness. Of course I had empathy for what this man was going through but I felt happy for him up until that moment, happy that he was able to live life doing what he enjoyed, regardless of the pain the was suffering.

This sadness I was feeling was overwhelming and I started to tear up. Everyone around me was watching the tears flow and someone decided to announce the fact that I was tearing up so I decided it would be better if we head to the back, grab a beer and watch the show. As we find our place in the back, they went to get some drinks and I stood there, looking at this man trying to enjoy what would be his last performance. How painful was it to not only know this would be your last performance but to also go through the physical pain and the exhaustion. Something within me just wanted to send him positive energy and even though I had no idea how, I wasn’t going to not give it a try.

There I was, in front of a long gate with less than a foot clearance behind me before I would back up into the wall. Staring at this man, conjuring up what I thought was energy, I could feel something shifting – something was happening but I didn’t know what it was and I couldn’t lose focus. The intensity of me sending this energy was insane and I was loving every minute of it. Positive thoughts kept repeating in my mind over and over and engulfing him in the brightest bubble of white light I possibly could.

Then what I can only describe as a male’s hand, lightly touched my left shoulder then pulled away and it broke my concentration. I thought it was my husband was jolted my head quickly to tell him I was trying to send these positive vibes to Gordon but as I jolted my head to the left, no one was there – no one was even close. I whipped my head to the right but it was a head end so no one could even get to where I was standing and 6 inches from my back was a wall – no one could have been standing behind me without pretty much spooning me. Those that were closest to my left were at least 8 feet away and would have no chance to run with the immediate, swift movement of my head.

But then, I felt light and a feeling of peace ran through me; that inner voice inside me knew that it wasn’t a human being yet it was an energy that was with me and it sure let me know it was there with it. Within a few minutes of this happening and me in shock at what I just experience, they came over with the beers. You have no idea how badly I wanted to tell them but it was loud and wasn’t prepared to get into the whole argument with those who thought I was just crazy, so I kept it to myself….until today.

After that, I’ve practiced sending positive energy to those who need it but never so intensely like I did that evening. Though I no longer send energy to people who don’t request it, I will send positive energy to mass events around that world that need healing. It’s important to spread as much positivity as we can in hopes that it makes even the slightest difference. Everything happens when it needs to but it never hurts to keep spreading positive vibes and who knows what will happen when you do! J


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