Signs from the Universe…in the Clouds

Classic Christine, asking for signs from the Universe which seemed like every day. At first it was the coolest thing; you ask for something and most of the time, you get it. I would do it just to see what the Universe would actually give to me. To this day, I do it here and there but I usually do it now when I’m feeling disconnected from my soul.

When I started this journey, I started to constantly get the 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and 5:55 or those sequences not specifically in the way of time. I noticed this but didn’t connect to what was going on until I read about what it meant to get these signs. I learned to acknowledge when this happened, say hello and just know that there were spirits around me helping me or just letting me know that things were going to be OK.

When I ask for signs, I don’t always get them. I am a very impatient person and I use to expect signs to happen and would often give a time frame. Sometimes it came within that time but it usually came on it’s own time, if at all. Nowadays I don’t usually give time frames (except last week) but when I am not expecting it, it comes.

A very short time after my father had passed away, I was driving home from my grandparents house with my Mom. The sky was as clear as day expect one massive cloud. At this point, I had no idea there was a cloud in the sky as I was thinking about something else but my mother said,

“Wow, Look at that cloud – it looks like two bears hugging!”

Not a word of a lie, this massive cloud looked identically like two bears giving each other a hug. Everything was perfectly clear, the ears, the indents of the eyes, the snout, the arms, the legs – everything! There was no mistaking it and if you had no creativity in your mind what-so-ever, no matter how out to lunch you may have been, if you saw this cloud, you would be able to identify it no problem. After all the excitement I felt about that cloud, I went on with my day and didn’t think much about it.


Something along the lines of this – but this was not the actual picture

There have been many days throughout my life where the experience of seeing that cloud came back to me and at those points in my life, I was still regular old me – I had not yet reached that point in my life where I started my spiritual journey so I was unaware of environmental signs.

One day while reading up on how spirit can try and communicate with you through environmental signs such as clouds, that memory popped back into my mind and when I thought back about that time being weeks after my father had passed away, my struggle and the sadness I was going through, I realized that must have been him giving me a hug. When that thought came to me, it was an immediately feeling of just knowing. You can’t explain it, you just know.

If only back in the day, we had phones that took pictures, I would have taken a photo to show you how amazing and clear those bears hugging were.

Another time the clouds were giving me signs was in the summer of 2015. I would look up into the sky randomly and I would keep seeing what looked like a baby on it’s back. I never thought anything about it until what was my 6th day in a row of seeing these baby type looking clouds. When I looked up, it was crystal clear that it was a baby and my thoughts were brought to me being pregnant. I remember walking down the street, looking at the cloud and the thought that went through my mind was you’re pregnant. So I took a detour to the local Shoppers, got a pregnancy test and sure enough….I was pregnant with my second child.

Sure it sounds crazy to some and unfortunately there are people out there that do at times try to manipulate photos to make them look like it’s something it’s not it’s hard to denying when it’s seen directly through your eyes. I can give you many more stories of signs from the clouds that you’ll hear of shortly that will possibly make you think twice about the legitimacy of it, or most of them.

When you are connected to the Universe, it can communicate to you in ways that you never imagined possible. It can deliver some amazing message of hope and love so stay open to it and one day when you’re looking for help and need direction or even just to know someone is there helping to guide you, ask for a sign in the clouds and when you least expect it and find yourself looking up, you could see the answer.


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