The Universe is waiting to help you! Here’s how it helped me today.

The Universe is powerful and when you tap into that powerful energy, amazing things can start happening to, for and around you. I’ve really been working on this and since my meditations have been much more frequent, I am finding that my requests (which are few and far between) are being answered. A really powerful request was in this post call Divine Intervention on a Bike; take a look at that post and you’ll see how my urgent request for assistant was answered almost immediately.

Being a single mother with two young kids to raise is expensive, especially living in a city such as Toronto. Rent, Hydro, Food, Transit…everything is expensive. When I took this new job, it was a bit of a relief as I was making a bit more than I had with my previous job. I thought that everything would be a bit easier, at least financially but I’ve found out that’s not always the case.

After I paid rent, the babysitter and all my bills, I had $40.00 left in my bank account – this was to last the kids and I the next two weeks for what we needed most which was food. I made sure to go out and buy as much food as I could with that money and hope that I wouldn’t need anything else. Yesterday I realized there was no way that I could go until next Friday without money – the kids needed more food and I was already working off eating nothing during the day and trying to fill myself with bread in the evenings. I was upset, frustrated and somewhat beyond myself because I couldn’t believe I was in this situation and was feel like a pretty crappy mom. It didn’t help that I was “hangry” every day so it made things 3 times worse.


After I almost had an emotional breakdown, I sat there wondering how I could get around it, what could I sell to give me just an extra $50 or maybe even $25 to get myself some Mr. Noodles at least! But there was nothing that I had in my home to sell so the only next logical step would be a payday loan. This was deeply saddening to me because I know how these loans can get you into even worse financial situations than you began with and I wasn’t fully prepared to go down that road but if that is what I had to do, I was going to do it. Later that evening after a meditation, I sent out a request to the Universe in which I said,

“Universe, I need help. Please, if there is a way you can help guide me in the direction to find some extra money to help get me through to my next pay, I would be very appreciative.” And I left it at that allowing no negative or conflicting thoughts to enter my mind about if, when or how I would get this money.

The next day (which was yesterday) I was sitting in the office and I started getting extremely hungry. I had already drink 3 coffees to control my hunger and was getting jittery so I checked my bank account and no magical money appeared so I searched for some payday loan companies. I found one that didn’t charge a crazy amount so I filled out the application. All of a sudden, before pressing the submit button, I heard this voice in my head (my higher self) say, “Check your bank account” and without thought, I opened it up again but no money! Don’t worry, I wasn’t thinking money would magically appear in my account. As I’m looking at the 34 cents that sit in my account, something made me scroll further down in my transactions and sure enough I saw a charge for $89.54 in my chequing account and another $3.00 charge in my savings account which made that account into the negatives.

After some searching, I found out that it was bank fees that were charged to me. I worked for the bank for years so I had free banking and when I left they didn’t revert me back to my regular plan so I was charged those big fees. After discussing with the bank about the issue, they gave me back the funds they took from me and turns out there was $51.00 I had in another account that they transferred to me. Of course it would take a day to reach my account but that was fine as I didn’t need any money from last night. This morning I woke up and checked my bank account and not only did I have that $89.54 plus the $3.00 and the hidden $51.00 added back to my account but they gave me a $50.00 dissatisfied credit because of the issue it caused me. A special thanks went out to the Universe this morning for answering my request. Had I also not listened to that inner voice (my intuition) telling me to open up my account again, I probably would have had gotten that loan and would be stressing out on having to pay it back and being in more debt.

I put out the call and the Universe responded. I wasn’t specific in what I asked for and I wasn’t expecting to miraculously find $100.00 in my bank account but the Universe helped me find that error in my bank, get it reserved AND gave me a little something extra….probably for my patience I had when I saw that error!

The Universe wants to help you – they want your life to be easy, not hard. When you send out a request to the Universe, they are on it to help you but you also have to ensure that you pay attention to the signs and signals that they are giving you. If I didn’t pay attention to that voice in my head and just continued on pressing that button, I wouldn’t have caught that mistake and gotten all this money back. Pay attention to those subtleties when you send out that request and be prepared for the help you’re about to get.

Don’t forget to send thanks to the Universe once you see the help that has arrived.


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