3 years ago I told the Universe what I wanted and I just got it!

I remember when I first started meditating, or at least started trying. I’d get side tracked within the first 10 seconds and it took me a good month to finally get up to the 10 minute mark with as little mind wandering as possible. As I weave in and out of meditation (and I mean one month of great meditations then don’t do a single one for a month), I find when I start up again, it’s somewhat of a struggle to get back to that 10 minute mark. On top of that, I’m always wondering how quiet I’m able to get my mind. I always feel like I’m doing a great job but once I’m done, I can’t help but wonder how still I was – I always feel like somehow, my mind keeps drifting into thoughts and I’m unaware of it.

About 2 or 3 years ago, I heard about this thing called Muse. It is a system that pretty much takes the guess work out of how well your meditations truly are. Before I get into the greatness of this product, actually, I’ll do that in another post, I want to tell you super awesome story of how I got this product yesterday.

As I had mentioned, I saw this product a bunch of years ago and wanted it really bad but couldn’t afford to pay the $300+ that it would cost me to purchase the system. I let it go and figured when the time was right, the Universe would somehow make sure I got it (probably by working lots of overtime but whatever) so I actively said, “If anyone is listening to me….I really want this. Can you help me get it, but not at this price!” So the years go by and one day my friend emails me about the Muse system and said how his other friend told him about it and how amazing it was. I grumbled to myself and sighed as it brought up that desire in me to get one again….but I again had the thought that if I was meant to have one, I’d get it at that time.

A couple of weeks ago when I really started meditating again, I kept wondering how well I was doing. Great things started happening again…you know, those “coincidences” so I figured I was doing something right.


As I recently started a new job, my manager has been trying to get me to help other folks on the team and I gladly accept – it gives me experience and exposure and of course shows I’m willing to go above and beyond my normal job duties. This morning I get an email that asked me if I could help hand out the leftover gifts to some of the folks in our office and I happily obliged. I went to the mail folks and told them I was there to pick up 8 gift bags and I hauled them upstairs. As I look into the bags, what do I see?

Muse Meditation Systems!!

“Dang it! It’s another jab at me! I’m just going to go and buy one; it’s a sign!” I mumble to myself. Of course I didn’t have the $300 to go buy one but I was determined as ever to get one, somehow. As I go through the list of names vs the amount of packages I had, there seemed to have been one extra package. I verified this over 7 times! I emailed the manager and asked to confirm that they didn’t order an extra one and that they didn’t miss anyone on the list. She said no. I had advised that the names vs the amount of systems I had didn’t match and that I had one extra – “What should I do with it?” I ask her. This is her response….

“Well looks like it’s your lucky day! I know that there are no others on the list that need one and no one seems to be missing one. If you can make use of it, you can have it. Think of it as a thank you gift….a very expensive one. 😊”


Hoooooooooly Crap! I couldn’t believe it. I immediately started to think about how today I was listening to a Sonia Choquette audio in which she was talking about the Universe providing you with the things you need, when the time is right – do the work then let it go. That’s exactly what I did and thank Heavens I took that opportunity to help, otherwise I wouldn’t have been the one to get that system – someone else would have. A great example of how the Universe can work wonders for you!

So here I am – all ready to use my Muse!

Just weeks ago I said I was ready to give up all toxic behavior and thoughts and ready to focus on my meditation and sharing wonderful things with you all that happens with mediation. I was surrendering – I was giving up hoping and working too hard at getting things I wanted and was too focused on…..and when I let go, ta-da! Within days, things I’ve waited years for, started to come to me.

I haven’t shared with you an experience that happened to me while floating but that will come shortly and it’s a big one! This process with meditation and everything that Sonia talks about, will be applied to those things that I truly want. I’m excited to share this with you shortly but there are way too many other things I have to share before that! I’ll talk more about what some call manifesting what you want so stay tuned and see what magical things can happen!

Stay tuned to a new post coming up shortly on how the Muse headband works and how it helps (or doesn’t help) me get to my goals with meditation.



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