A Random Act of Kindness has made a huge impact.

It’s been a while since I had done any sort of random act of kindness but last night the kids were with their dad, it was the first real nice night out so last minute, I decided to go for a walk to enjoy the night before my children came home the next night.

As I reach the beach (lakeshore) I see some wood but one piece of wood stuck out. I got the inkling to write a message on it and which message I didn’t know and how the heck was I going to write on it? Pen probably wouldn’t work that well but I decided to give it a try. I dug into my purse and saw a marker, I had completely forgot that I put that in my purse this morning! So I sat on a log, picked up the stick, looked up into the sky and said, “Universe, whatever message I get first, I’ll write it down but please make sure it’s for someone who needs it.” A few minutes later I get the words, “Be proud of who you are”. I looked into my purse, found a marker and begin to write the message. I took a video of it then left it at the lakeshore assuming and hoping that someone who needed it, would find it.

As I walk along the lakeside, behind me a see a couple with a dog.

“Oh NO!” I exclaim to myself under my breath. “That dog doesn’t need to know he needs to be proud of himself. Shit – maybe his owners need the message.”

Nope, they walked away. I figured it was time to head home as I was pretty exhausted. I saw a big tree stump some feet away from me so I go to sit on it to take a break before heading home. I sat and looked at the moon and started thinking about my future. As I did this, I see a woman walking down towards the area in which I left this ‘note’. She walked with a dog, a small white dog that would have fit that stick perfectly in its mouth. I perked up as the dog sniffed around the piece of wood. All I could think was NO DOGGY! NO! Thankfully the dog only sniffed it then ignored it but it brought to the attention, the owner. As I see her looking at the piece of wood with somewhat of a perplexed look on her face, I start to get nervous.

“She will know it was me that wrote it! OMG, it is ruined! Everything I just did is completely ruined.” I kept sputtering to myself.

She picked the piece of wood up. I didn’t want to seem or look creepy but I needed to see what was happening while she read it. She looked confused at first, then sad and from there was a mix of emotions and the most confusing of facial expressions I’ve ever seen in my life. It was like she was going through 30 years of emotions within less than a minute. It was also like I could see and feel what she was thinking. She took a big inhale, let her right hand go, that had the piece of wood in it, looked at the sky and it was like I could see the garbage lift off of her soul. At this point I thought I was crazy and it felt somewhat like a dream – thinking I was making this all up myself. She looked out at her dog swimming in the water chasing the swan, then looked at the moon above her body in the sky, looked back down at the piece of wood and I could feel she was bringing up some pain- but maybe not, maybe I was assuming things – thanks, Ego *eye roll*.


Then she burst into tears. At that moment, I knew my message had done or meant something to her. As I approached her, I started freaking out a bit; I wasn’t sure what I should do and what if she was crying for absolutely no reason to do with that stick? But I had to ask her.

Turns out this woman had been struggling for a long time on making a decision on whether or not to come out to her family. She was gut wrenched every day because she felt like she was on a time limit and felt pressured to tell them when she didn’t think she was ready. She was afraid of what they were going to say and had the question in the back of her mind of “would they still love me as much if they knew.” She had explained that she was a good person, or so she thought. She had many friends and was in the healthcare industry and was responsible for helping the elderly. She felt like everything in her life was right but this one thing was tearing her apart and started to feel somewhat ashamed.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her it was me that wrote the note. I’m sure if I had, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference except the conversation we had might have been a bit different and we may have even become friends. I just wanted her to be happy that she found this. This wasn’t a fluke, an accident nor was she at the right place at the right time. She was guided to be in that spot just as I was guided to be in that spot just before her. I had thrown that marker in my bag that morning for something I was going to do in the office – I didn’t even end up using it but forgot about it until I had went to the lake; I never use makers. She needed a sign and she got it! It resonated with her so deeply that after our chat, she knew that everything was going to be OK and she was feeling better on how and when she was going to give the news to her family.

I left there kind of baffled, even though it had been about an hour of chatting with her. I know the Universe can do some pretty amazing things. When you hear about it, you ‘oooo’ and ‘ahhhh’ but when you are a part of it, whether you see it or are actually in it, it’s even that much more spectacular. Helping people is one of my hearts desires. Every time I see I make an impact whether it be big or small, I take much pride in that and really makes me feel like I’m doing pretty meaningful work. To see even the smallest things, the ones that come from the heart and that don’t cost a thing are often those things that can make the biggest impact. I will always listen to my gut – even when it doesn’t make sense to do so. You really don’t know what will happen if you do something you can’t even understand why you are doing in the first place but the Universe might be using you as an outlet to get something done that will make an impact on something or someone.


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