Sensory Deprivation Tanks – Do You Float?

When I first heard about floating, I was intrigued but when I heard that you were put in a capsule and closed in, my claustrophobia kicked in and I was about ready to swipe left to that whole adventure. I felt as though I needed to read a little bit more into the whole experience so I did; turns out you didn’t have to have the door completely closed so with that, it made the whole visual experience at the moment, a whole lot more pleasant. Though these tanks have been out for a while, in Toronto for 1 hour you were are in many places still are looking at $120.00 and I wasn’t (and still am not) prepared to spend that kind of money to possible lose my mind and run out, so I waited a couple of weeks and saw a posting on Facebook for a 2 for 1 float. I was in!

Amongst some of the benefits that sensory deprivation provide, the most beneficial for me is the increased mindfulness & awareness; the others are relief from physical pain, improved cardiovascular health, reduced stress & anxiety, better sleep quality. All of my experiences have been amazing in terms of benefits for mindfulness and relaxation! Though I felt like it took me a while to completely let go both in tensing my body and quieting my mind, once I did, the experience got a whole lot better. When you first start to float, you automatically tense your body as you aren’t use to just completely relaxing without feeling something beneath you. Even when you think you are relaxed, you’re probably not until you get present within your body, go over each area of the body and let it relax one area at a time. At that point is when you can start to allow your mind to relax. This first experience was in a pod; big enough for me not to touch the sides and big enough not to feel claustrophobic!

You have the option to keep the light on (which in most causes is a dark type of blue) or you can turn it off which makes everything completely black. The music at the time would start as a relaxing tone that helped you with the relaxing, then the music would slowly shut off to give you complete silence. When I eventually relaxed with the lights off, within about 30 minutes, I could start to see amazing colours and shapes rolling around in front of my eyes and though it sounds simple or boring, when you experience it, it’s not – it’s actually quite cool! Many people think that floating in a pod, alone, would be boring and instead of you and your mind being completely relaxed, all you would be doing was thinking about everything under the sun. For the most part, the first time floating is more of a learning experience but you can easily figure out how to allow you mind to relax within 30 minutes and that next 30 minutes of peace will be amazing. If that doesn’t happen, don’t worry, the second time will be easy-peasy!

Since I’ve been finding it difficult these past few months, to get back into the good meditations that I use to have, I thought I should try and give floating another chance. Of course, places like Groupon always have amazing float deals so I went through my email and found a great deal; two floats for $90 (tax included). This was at a place called Midnight Sun in Mississauga and is actually a Tanning Salon, it wasn’t a place I probably would have thought would have floating sessions but they do and they are great! They have two options: single or couples. I was going alone but lucky me, someone else had taken the single so I was placed in the double. This place wasn’t like the other pods I had used, this was actually a big box that opened from the front rather than opening from the top and lowering the “lid” such as you would normally use for one person.

This pod was huge, I was doing the starfish almost the entire time! The music was optional meaning I could keep it on or off – I just wish it had a volume adjuster as it could have been a bit lower, but I kept it on. It also had stars on the top which would lightly flicker to make it feel like you were looking at the stars! From what I could capture while having the stars on and my eyes open, it was beautiful! Even with your eyes closed, you could see the lights slowly and lightly turning on and off. I kept the music on as I find my meditations are much better with certain tones and noses and I eventually (after 10 minutes) turned them off completely because I wanted to see if anything visual would come through and here it where it started to get amazing.

After about 15 minutes of no light and simply just the music, flashes of faces would appear which I’ve had before but nothing like this. As one that has a desire to communicate with energy that once use to have a body, I was so excited to see this and the amount of faces that kept appearing was so much so that I couldn’t stop myself to see if I could connect with something. I was simply amazed by what I was seeing that I couldn’t allow myself to see what else I could do because this in itself was amazing for me and I felt nothing but love. When I left the session, I came out feeling refreshed and calm. Mind you, I had only gotten 5 hours sleep the night before this session so on the way there I was pretty tired, I was sure I would fall asleep in the pod as I was pretty much falling asleep at the wheel but turns out I can’t sleep unless I have a pillow over my face so I simply enjoyed the energies I was witnessing and enjoyed relaxing.

My experiences with floating have been outstanding and though I have one simple reason why I float (which is for mediation purposes), I end up getting more than I bargained for. I am calmer with my children, deal with people better, have more patience with events and my surroundings, I have a new found live and respect for nature, I smile more and the amazing experiences with energy that I get to have are exactly that – amazing! An hour of peacefulness may sound boring to some (and I thought it would be, too) but it is like a magical hour that you wish you could have 10 more hours of again. I’ve noticed the benefits from floating the first time I tried it and it only gets better.

I’ve seen many posts and comments on others posts regarding how floating has helped them and results are really amazing. If you’re not open to the benefits and possible outstanding outcomes you will have during your floats, it probably won’t be worth your time or money to even try it out. The more you try it, the better your experiences and deep relaxations will get – there is really nothing to lose, there’s only gaining here!

Have you tried floating? What was it like for you? Any benefits from you? I would love to hear them!


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