There is a time and place for everything.

When my office moved to Bell Trinity Square, I was pretty annoyed. I had loved the place where I had been working for the past 4 years. We moved to this office about 1 year before me starting this spiritual journey. The space was nice and the grounds behind the building were even nicer. In the middle was a beautifully stoned Labyrinth with trees and bushes all around it; it was a place of peace in the middle of a chaotic, busy city. I had never taken advantage of this Labyrinth because I had no idea what it was for except that I saw people walking around it here and there; I figured it was just a maze that people walked to pass the time on their lunch hours. Not long after having my first spiritual experience (which was about a year after our move) I went to the Labyrinth to read what it was about a low and behold, it was exactly what I needed!

I used the Labyrinth for more spiritual growth, to connect to what I could, to feel like I was being heard better than when I spoke to my guides and loved ones while just sitting at home, at my desk or on the bus. I also started to ask for signs from spirit. There were a few times I remember specifically when walking the Labyrinth, whether in frustration about not accomplishing something I ask for help with or with issues with my relationships, I would usually walk around the Labyrinth asking for someone…or something to give me a sign.

My first experience (after asking for a sign)

At this point in my journey, I was reading a lot of books, or should I say listening to a lot of books. This day I was listening to Theresa Caputo’s most recent book and she was mentioning something that caught my attention at that moment. Whether it was that things happen for a reason or maybe it was about signs, I can’t remember but I do remember saying to the Universe, “Can you please give me a sign I’m doing the right thing?” and I continued on.

I was nearing the end of my Labyrinth walk, I noticed an older man sitting at the end of it, staring at me. At first I was a bit freaked out because, well, he was looking at me and I obviously had no idea who he was. I remember telling myself as I was about to leave, “Don’t make eye contact! Don’t make eye contact!” and I exited the Labyrinth. Well, of course the was sitting right at the exit so as I left, he waved me over and proceeded to tell me about my aura; this man had the ability to see auras. I couldn’t believe it but what I was most in shock with was that I just knew this was my ask for a sign, being answered. So he proceeded to tell me things about me that just made complete sense to the situation that was going on in my life, not bad, just more of confusion and the need for direction/clarification. I started to tear up because I was taking this as a sign, the sign I had asked for. I had to get back to work so I had to end the conversation but I really just wanted to stay and talk!

It’s been over two years now I think. At first we chatted about once a week, we would meet for coffee and he taught me things that I didn’t realize until later on, would benefit me greatly. He was an outlet for me to tell my story of the amazing things that were happening to me spiritually because everyone else I wanted to talk to, thought I was nuts. Fair enough; I would probably agree with them if I had never experienced it. I enjoy when I sit with him at a Labyrinth as he enjoys watching the aura’s of others and give them some sort of healing. The amazement I see coming from their eyes just listening to them is amazing. We would be a great team if I could just listen to spirit talk to me! Must…..stay……focused.

Today we are still great friends and meet usually once every few weeks. He’s helped me and gave me great advise on many things, spiritually and personally and he continues to be my outlet to pour out my soul when needed, for good or for sad.
Plus he sends me cute little jokes so that’s a bonus!

I am a big believer in things happen for a reason and at the time they are meant to happen. This was a man I was meant to meet and the timing of it was just so perfect!


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