Take A Picture! Some Happy Birthday Orbs

On the 21st anniversary of my father’s death, I decided to head to Facebook and post a tribute to my dad. It was almost midnight and I was alone that night as Shaun and Kinsley were with his mom for the night. I submitted the post and sat thinking about him for a few minutes. As I just kind of stared, with no real thought, I hear the words ‘Take a picture’. It wasn’t audible and in my ear or coming from someone’s mouth, it was kind of like a thought that someone literally put into my mind, and I heard it.

At first I was confused – why in the world would I tell myself to take a picture and what am I supposed to take a picture of? Though confused, I picked up my phone and just took a picture….of the TV and the large space of wall behind the TV. I immediately looked at the picture and didn’t see much of anything except a TV and a wall. As I went to put my phone down, my eye caught a very faint opaque circle. I zoomed in (still the reason was unknown as to why I was doing this) and when I noticed that it was a perfect circle, a smaller one to the right also appeared; the smaller one was a little less visible but looking hard enough; had I not looked hard enough, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

A moment later, I gasped! Yet another feeling inside of me just knowing what it was. Orbs. More specifically, the images of my father and his mother appeared in my minds eye. So I took a picture again, just to make sure it wasn’t specs of dust flying by. Next, I lift my camera up (full well knowing what I was going to take a picture of this time) and snap again. Looking at the picture I see those two circles getting closer to the side of the TV and although the same size as the previous pictures, they were brighter. There was no way this could have been dust because A) it had been at least 20 seconds that had gone by and those orbs had moved only inches from the original spot I saw them and B) when you zoomed in, you could see what looked like designs within these orbs and they were perfectly shaped as a circle.

These circles were moving very slow and getting stronger as I kept taking more pictures. Again, I take another picture and right in front of the TV, the big one was a perfectly round, white as white could be, orb, glowing in front of that TV. I immediately look up to see if there was a logo on the screen to debunk but there was nothing there and deep inside I knew what it was. The small one didn’t get to the TV; I searched and searched but couldn’t find it.  The brightness of this orb was that of a mini sunshine and I will say again, this was a bright white that I’ve never seen before. Although all along inside of me I knew they were orbs, it took me by surprise that I just saw this, that something inside of me told me to take a picture to prepare for what these two balls of energy were about to show me.

The only conclusion that I have come to is either that voice inside, my higher self knew that it was my father and my grandmother or it was one of them getting my attention telepathically and telling me to take a picture. This makes the most sense as moments before I was saying Happy Birthday to my dad, maybe it was him acknowledging that he heard me. I kept those photos for two years and at the end of 2016 when I went on vacation, my phone got water damage and died the next day – there was no getting those photos back, I did everything I could to try and recover those photos and even to this day, I am heartbroken that I can’t share them. I was thankfully able to share them with a few close people and my class but knowing that they are gone for good is very disheartening. Here’s to hoping they’ll do it again!

I do have another great story of seeing these bright orbs but this time with my own two eyes. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Take A Picture! Some Happy Birthday Orbs

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