4:44 – A Great Synchronicity Story

A friend of mine and I had a falling out not long before my wedding. 2 years had passed and I reached out to her to just squash the issue and from there on, it was like nothing was wrong.

During the time of our absence from each other, she of course made other friends. She mentioned to me, not long after we started chatting again, that one of her friends had passed away in May (I think). As I’m those “if they want you to know, they’ll tell you” so I didn’t ask any questions as to what happened. I knew she was sad about it but didn’t want to push.

One night while we were out, she out of the blue asked me what I thought about what happens to people when they die.

“Are they just gone or do they go somewhere else?” she really wanted to know if maybe her friend was around her. Now if you want to get into talking about life after death, I’ll start telling you all of my amazing stories and surprises I’ve gotten from the Universe and from those who have passed and of course, I started.

Eventually we get to her house all the while I’m still talking about this. She mentioned that I could stay the night at her place but at that point I just wanted to go home to sleep but not before I took a seat on her bed with one last thing to say.

“You know, your friend is around you and she’s trying to get your attention, you just can’t see it.”

“Really? Like how?” she asks.

At this moment I turn around and there was a digital clock.

“See!? It’s a sign!” I exclaimed. “You know how I was telling you that spirit gets my attention with signs? I just looked at the clock and look…..it’s 4:44! Maybe it’s your friend!?”

She stopped in her tracks and looked at me with somewhat of a white face.

“OMG, those are her numbers! She had 444 tattooed on her arm.” she said.

“SEE! It’s her! This is your sign that she’s here with you. Isn’t that amazing!?”

She was stunned yet excited that not only that happened but she had some relief that her friend really was around.

Synchronicity at it’s finest, folks. I wasn’t originally going to go out that night; I had simply went out to dinner by myself, met these guys, messaged her to see if she wanted to come out (turns out she was in the park alone, crying), we went out for drinks with these guys, later went to eat again and after all of that happened, she just so asked me what I think about life after death and that whole thing happened.

Turns out, that whole event has really helped her in those times she needed a sign the most as a few times since then, the number 4:44 has popped up at the exact times that she’s needed it most.



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