Ever heard of an apport? Here’s my short story.

One night on a full moon, I was yet again pondering on what my life had become. Asking why I had such a desire to be a medium yet I wasn’t even close to being what I thought it was going to be like. I was frustrated and couldn’t understand why the universe wasn’t giving me what I wanted. I start talking to my people asking them if I was on the right track and if so I wanted a sign. I sat, and sat and about 10 minutes and finally said, “OK, if you don’t want to give me a sign, I’ll wait and if you want to give me one tonight, that’s fine, too. Just don’t scare me!” So I left it at that.

Seeing as it was a full moon, I decide to lay out all of my stones and crystals to re-energize. I lay them out and head to bed. The next morning I woke up and headed directly to my stones. I don’t know why I headed right to my stones, usually I head right to the bathroom before anything but to the stones I walked. My eyes immediately gravitated to one stone in particular which I looked at with confusion.

“This isn’t my stone. I’ve never seen that stone before. What is this??” I asked myself. I immediately heard, “This is your sign you asked for.” You’re kidding. I mean, who
asks for signs and gets real, tangible objects? I knew this was not my stone but I had to count over again and of course that calculation had come up to one extra stone
that I had awoken to. For some reason, my ego was trying to debunk what had just happened but something was keeping me calm and continually giving me the feeling that it was exactly what I heard it was; the sign I was asking for. I quickly messaged my babysitter (who is a spiritual person) and she notified her mother regarding what type of crystal it actually was. Turns out it was simply a clear quartz crystal with a piece of tourmaline in it but it was (and still is) the most amazing crystal that I have in my possession simply because of where it came from – literally out of nowhere.

Still not fully comprehending what happened, I told my friend Bernie (who is another understander of the Universe) what happened and he of course told me that what I had received was an apport. Turns out there are many different ways in which people define this but it’s basically in my case, an item that appeared from nowhere. Even 2.5 years later, I still get so excited when I talk about it and even when I look at that crystal. Of course over the past couple of years, I as for an apport here and there but in a way that isn’t so direct….but who am I kidding, they know exactly what I want. To this day, it hasn’t happened again but hey, even once in a lifetime, that’s a pretty awesome experience.

That day I found that crystal, I had taken a picture of it and would show everyone. In December of 2016 I went to Cuba for a solo vacation and went to my first foam party. Not thinking I’d get really foamy, I placed my phone in my bra (aka a woman’s pocket) and forgot about it. Before I left to return back home, the phone was dead and I never backed up my phone. It’s upsetting because the pictures of those orbs were also on there which I hold dear to my heart but I guess it’s about the memories.


2 thoughts on “Ever heard of an apport? Here’s my short story.

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