A new journey to make sparks around the world.

We all see the horror and sadness that happens in this world from our own kind and many of us are concerned about where humanity is headed but there are truly millions more out there that are amazing human beings yet we don’t often hear about the good, the peace, the love and the beauty of not only people but the world and what it has to offer. Since my awakening, I’ve been on a mission and what exactly that mission was, I still can’t tell you but as I was sitting at home last night, something told me to write a blog. Write about all the great people, places and things this world has to offer because there really is an abundance of it.

This summer I vowed to myself to set 95% of my time that I have to myself (away from my children) to sourcing out those people, places, things and stories that bring joy, happiness, peace, contentment and love. Whether that be a very last minute trip to a small village to find a spa, a trip to Indonesia to meditate for days, events and retreats or interviews and stories with people that have positive, happy or amazing things to share. I am out to find what I can and show just how amazing this world can be, and truly is.

I am a big believer in even the smallest spark being able to ignite a massive fire (metaphorically speaking, of course) and I am in pursuit of bringing those sparks to this space. I have been provided with many amazing experiences from the universe that I will, throughout the life of this blog, share with you but to ensure it’s a mix of everything, Until then, I am excited for my search and if you have any suggestions on great speakers, events, locations or if you have stories to share about kindness, amazing things that have happened to/for you or things you’ve seen, please contact me and I will share them on this blog! It’s all about happiness here.

Light & Love


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