Seeing energy floating during the day

It was the middle of the day, I was preparing myself to head out to get some errands done. Place my sun glasses over my eyes, stepped outside onto my balcony to pull the door shut and I had an urge to turn around so I quickly closed the door and looked behind me.

If anyone standing there wasn’t feeling what I was feeling, they probably wouldn’t have bene able to see what I was about to see with my own eyes. A small “ball” of haze was floating in front of my oven which at this point was about 5 – 6 feet away from me. I starred at it like it was alien like and my gut knew what it was but my ego didn’t want to believe it.

I continued to stare. Next came the “it could be a this or a that….”

  1. Maybe it’s a ball of fur floating around…..but it wasn’t falling to the ground, it was simply floating in mid air.
  2. Hmmmm, I wonder if I have smudge on my glasses. Nope, it wasn’t moving with my glasses when I moved my head.
  3. Maybe I’m just crazy and I’m not actually seeing anything.

I didn’t want to blink in case it would disappear immediately after my blink (like they did in this story) and I was afraid that if I moved my glasses from my eyes, it may also be that split second that my eyes needed to make that floating fuzz, disappear. The ego kept feeding me lines and excuses for what it might be so I started to walk closer to it. As I walked closer, I noticed it moving with me. For the most part, it kept approximately the same amount of distance from me.

As I walk, I very slowly pull my glasses down to my nose, trying desperately not to lose sight of this floating object. At this point I was seeing it with my uncovered eyes and I could (barely) see it moving with me but just enough so I knew it was actually there. I was surprised I kept walking towards it and wasn’t feeling scared.

I finally step into the kitchen and this ball of energy had floated to the exit door (now about 3 – 4 feet away from me. At this point, I stop because it was right between the doorway. I felt t=like I was having a starring competition with something that had no eyes….or face….or body. I could then start to see this ball get thinner and it was harder for me to see it.

“I can’t believe this!” I said out loud. “This is amazing!” and I take a few steps closer and I see with my eyes that it just disappeared. Of course, my ego pops back in again and I start looking everywhere in that area, for this thing. I’m on my hands and knees looking upwards, blowing on the floor to see if there were any cat fur balls – I was doing and saying everything to debunk that I had yet again just saw another form of energy.

Yet I couldn’t see any way in which it could have been anything else. Coupled with the fact that the strong feeling of knowing just exactly what it was was too too overpowering to not believe what I had just seen.

I find it amazing that every night I go to bed, I wanted to connect with spirit yet I have this fear on what I may see. Spirit connects with me through thoughts (internal visuals and words), sometimes (rarely) smells and clearly though naked eye visuals but every time they get my attention, when they do show themselves, it’s a simple ball of white light or (during the day) what looks to be a fur ball, but perfectly round.

I hate that I have such a fear and I think that is the one thing that is holding me back from really getting to my strong abilities. Knowing that no one is there yet something invisible is there is kind of a scary feeling, yet they make me feel so comfortable each time.

Darn my ego!


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