Something crazy happened this weekend!

I know it’s been a while since my last post but things with the Universe have slowed down a bit BUT I am glad to be back with this great story.

So remember my last post about the whole 4:44 event? Over the past 2 – 3 weeks I’ve been seeing 44 a lot. Friday this past week I got onto a streetcar that was number 4422, then while shopping I kept seeing 44 and on the way home I found myself back on the 4422 streetcar.

So that night I headed out to meet my friend, the same friend who I was talking about in the 4:44 story. We started to talk about some of her past which then included her friend that passed last year (again, read the 4:44 story). While talking about her, I saw an orb behind her start from a foot below the top of the ceiling and it flew downwards (towards her head) yet this orb was actually behind her.

For a second I thought to myself, “That couldn’t be what I thought it was!” and within two seconds of that thought, all I heard in my head was, “look at your phone”. Before I looked at my phone (because I somehow knew what I was about to see) I told my friend what I had just seen and heard and that moment I turned to look at my phone and sure enough, it was 9:44.

I started crying, my body was goosebumpy and at that moment, I knew I was back to where I wanted to be and things would start to change. Things like this, what I call sparks of fire, really get me going and this time, I’m not prepared to stop.

Bring it on Universe. Woooooooooo!


2 thoughts on “Something crazy happened this weekend!

  1. Since my mother passed away almost 2 years ago i been getting numbers like that myself just about everytime i look at the clock it would say 1:11 or 12:12 or 3:33 and so on.. i havent read up to much about it but a while ago i did read that when it happens thats the spirits letting us know they are with us . this goes on all day long every single day.


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