The Orbs on My Bathroom Door

A couple of nights after the photos of the orbs were taken, I was home alone. It was pretty late and I had just finished watching a show. I had talked to my guides for a few minutes and decided it was time to head to bed. I shut off all of the lights; I could barely see in front of me as my eyes had not adjusted to the darkness so I just stood there for a few seconds. Once my eyes adjusted enough to where I could see everything, I entered the hall to go to my room. Straight ahead is my daughters’ room which had the door closed, on the right was my bathroom and on the left was my bedroom. As I stepped into the hallway past the hall entrance doors, I look up to make sure I wouldn’t smack my head on anything (because this time I was looking towards the floor to make sure there was nothing I would step on).

On the door to my bathroom, just 4 feet away, were two of the brightest perfect circles that I’ve ever seen yet they gave off no light anywhere else within that small hallway. One big and one a bit smaller than the other, the same size as those I captured in this post yet of course these ones were bigger overall as they were just feet away from me. I can’t tell you if they were floating but I do know they were not moving and it seemed as though they were like stickers stuck on the door; that’s the best way to describe it. Staring at these beautiful circular….lights, I had a flashback of what seemed like a millisecond to my pictures I had taken of those orbs just a few days ago. I didn’t blink for whatever reason but now that I think of it, it was probably because I knew that if I blinked, they would disappear.

Oh my God. Those are orbs!” I say quietly to myself.

They were exactly the same size as the two I had captured on my phone just days ago yet I couldn’t believe that this time I was seeing them with my own eyes. My ego started to kick in making me think it was probably lights shining into my hallway or maybe it was a light from my phone so I looked down at my phone, it was off, turned around to make sure there was no light even though I could barely see in front of me just thirty seconds prior. There was nothing. There was no light source around me or even outside that could have light up two perfectly round, bright as can be, white circles on my bathroom door – no light could ever reach that door from the outside. As quick as I brought my eyes back to see them again, they had disappeared.

There are moments where I wish I could have kept my eyes open forever and had never blinked. When I think about it now, it’s so amazing to know that they were right there, right in front of me. Not many people have the chance to see something like this with the naked eye and I feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to see such a thing. Once they left, I causally walked into my room and prepared to fall asleep. Not for a moment was I scared which actually surprised me but spirit has a way of making me feel calm, cool and collective when they decide to make their presence known to me.

To this day, I will often look at my doors down the hall after I shut off all of the light and see if there are maybe some energies that would like to answer one of my prayers and do it again BUT they seem to have taken a break and are happily showing me others ways that they are around.


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