The simplest act of kindness can truly change a day

I love signs. Not STOP signs and such but signs the Universe gives to you when you really need it. One of my projects from my Sprinkles of Kindness was Happy Hearts, they were hearts I printed, cut out, wrote a message on and laminated.

One evening I took my two kids out for a walk and I told my daughter (4 years old) about these hearts and what they were for. I simply told her that these hearts would be found by anyone who needed that message at that time. Of course more question started pouring out of her mouth because she had no idea what I was talking about at first.

I’ve been extremely lucky since starting my spiritual journey with the signs that I have been given. I ask and for the most part, I receive.

The next day, my children head to their fathers house for the weekend and I go out to have a great weekend filled with friends and fun. Unforatuntely the start of the weekend I had learned some news that was pretty horrible; turn your life upside down type of thing. I didn’t think I would be able to enjoy the fun that was planned and for the most part, I was correct. I couldn’t enjoy it like I wanted to nor should have.

I woke on the Sunday and decided to open Instagram for whatever reason. I should first state that when I do my Sprinkles of Kindness projects, somewhere on that project I will write #sprinkledwithkindness so if people decide, they can share with the world there story of how it helped and of course, it helps me know that it got to the right person. Anyways, after I opened Instagram, I immediately started to type #sprinkledwithkindness and as I quickly browse through the 21 posts, I notice that a new one appeared and of course, it was one of my Happy Hearts with,

“Found this on the streets of Parkdale today. Couldn’t have ended up in more fitting hands. For those of you who know me, isn’t this crazy!? Total positive reminder.”

Now that Sunday I was pretty sad about the news I had heard a few days prior and frankly I didn’t know what I was going to do or how, if at all, I was to get through it. As I saw this post, my eyes filled with tears and my lips quivered. I was so happy that what I told my daughter was true – these messages find their way to the people that need them the most, at that time. Though this reminder didn’t save anyone’s life, the simple fact that it reminded someone about whatever it was they needed the reminder for was good enough for me.

Moments later, I read the message (because I hadn’t even read what the message was yet) and something sparked inside of me. The best way out is always through – not only was that message for the person who found it but it was a message to me, it was the sign I needed to understand simply how to get through it. A knowingness simply came through me and then my eyes were drawn to the time I saw that picture.


For those who are aware of numbers and their symbolic meanings, you know this is powerful and I do have to mention that 11 and 22 are the numbers I see consistently when I’m having a hard time and looking for a sign from above that I’ll be alright and I’m on the right track. After the tears stopped rolling, I smiled and laughed a bit because in sequence, the Universe was giving me the signs I needed to let me know that I was going to be OK.

It didn’t stop there.

That day when I had woken up, I was feeling really disconnected from my soul and the Universe and seeing as I had a few more hours of alone time, I would head to the High Park Labyrinth to walk and meditate to clear my mind. So I hop in the car and head over.

I was still feeling a bit zombie like from the energy that was wiped out of me from the weekend so I wasn’t sure I was going to stay for long. I walk into the Labyrith and start to walk – no thoughts were going through my head, it was quite blank which is off because my mind usually doesn’t stop thinking, especially when I am stressed. There were many people walking around taking family pictures yet I wasn’t distracted; again, something that’s not usually the case. Once I get to the middle, I stand for a few minutes then walk back out. The minute I got out of the Labyrinth, something inside of me said I wasn’t finished and needed to go back in. So that I did.

This time I decided to sit in the middle of this Labyrinth and I meditated. It was one of the best mediations I’ve had in a really long time and it lasted for at least 20 minutes. I open my eyes and the sun was beaming down on me, the quiet of everything was no nice – mind you I had my Beats headphones on with no music so it drowned out some of the talkers that may have passed by. I still felt like I wasn’t done and I laid myself down, still in the middle and just looked at the sky. It was completely blue but had a cloud in the middle; a faint cloud but within that cloud I could see what looked like three faces (I won’t get into clouds and signs, I’ll leave that for later). So as I keep looking, the cloud starts to disappear then birds start to glide directly over me and I started to put my attention on them. I felt peaceful, except for the concern that since they kept circling my view, they could poop on me!

• Side note: Not long ago, I went on a helicopter ride with some friends. Amongst all the goofing around we were going, for a moment I looked out the window and saw a beautiful view that stopped my train of thought, it was like I was the only one there and again, more peace was felt but it was more powerful. I felt connected, happy, safe and almost like there was no fear to anything. Everything was clear to me. The pilot had said later that evening that if I had wanted to go on a ride ever again to clear my mind, he’d be happy to take me as he needs the hours.

As the birds stop flying around me as much, that thought and feeling of being in that helicopter came over me and I could hear the pilot telling me if I ever needed to clear my mind, I can go again. I felt at ease and within a few seconds I started to ask the Universe for a sign. This is exactly what I said.

“OK Universe, you’re giving me a flashback to that helicopter ride. If this will truly help me clear my mind about this situation, I want a helicopter to fly directly over me….but only while I’m lying here in this Labyrinth.”

That was quite the ask! I also kind of giggled to myself because I knew I would be getting up to start walking out in just a few minutes. So I lay there, still with my headphones keeping out the noise. I hear a noise that I thought sounded like a helicopter far away. My ego popped in of course telling me that’s not what it was but as the sound started to get louder, I removed my headphones and to my right, a helicopter flew directly over the path of my sight. NO JOKE!

Yet again, the tears started to flow and the laughing started to begin all at the same time. I couldn’t believe it – simply amazing.  I was so happy and overjoyed that it actually happened!

As I walk back through to leave the Labyrinth, I said a simple Thank you…and am now looking into another flight.


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