A story of Devine intervention….on a bike

A friend and I had went out one evening and though we had been drinking, I was fairly sober as it wasn’t one of normal outings which often involve 20 drinks and Chinese food at a restaurant in Chinatown. I was waiting for the streetcar to come and since it was so late (around 3:00 AM), the next streetcar wasn’t coming for a while so I decided I was going to walk to the next streetcar stop until I saw one coming – they’re only a couple of minutes of a walk between each stop.

About 15 minutes of walking later, I found Tim Horton’s, grabbed a tea and continued my walk. Of course, a streetcar had passed by while I was in the store. Another 30 minutes of walking later, almost 3 blocks to my house, I noticed a van that was stopped at the side of the street in which I was walking but by the time I had noticed it, I was Continue reading


Ever heard of an apport? Here’s my short story.

One night on a full moon, I was yet again pondering on what my life had become. Asking why I had such a desire to be a medium yet I wasn’t even close to being what I thought it was going to be like. I was frustrated and couldn’t understand why the universe wasn’t giving me what I wanted. I start talking to my people asking them if I was on the right track and if so I wanted a sign. I sat, and sat and about 10 minutes and finally said, “OK, if you don’t want to give me a sign, I’ll wait and if you want to give me one tonight, that’s fine, too. Just don’t scare me!” So I left it at that.

Seeing as it was a full moon, I decide to lay out all of my stones and crystals to re-energize. I lay them out and head to bed. The next morning I woke up and headed directly to my stones. I don’t know why I headed right to my stones, usually I head right to the bathroom before anything but to the stones I walked. My eyes immediately gravitated to one stone in particular which Continue reading

The day I unintentionally predicted a Tornado

Everyone has intuition. As a young child, it’s strong but society helps us diminish our ability as we get older by beliefs, thoughts and ignorance. Regardless of the reasoning’s, it’s simply sad that such a powerful and amazing gift that has been given to you, is used to little or not at all. The less people use it, the less powerful it is and it’s unfortunate because it is such an amazing gift. I don’t remember having any intuition when I was younger, for whatever reason. It wasn’t until I turned 33 that a spark ignited inside of me and I realized how powerful mine was.

Here is my first experience with the power of my Intuition. My “just knowing”.

After my father had passed just weeks after I turned 13, I went to live with Continue reading

The death that sparked a change.

Growing up, I had no idea what I wanted to be and I definitely didn’t think that at the age of 33 I would still be asking myself the same question. For the longest time, I can remember wanting to be a model and although living in a small city with my mother would probably get me nowhere in the modelling industry, neither did moving to Toronto years later. I always knew I was an entrepreneur at heart but really had no idea what my talents were and to be honest, I still don’t know. I knew I had creativity and a passion for helping people but how could I use that to make money and without knowing what I was good at, I was good for nothing. I started with photography, I had a good eye for taking pictures and that eventually ended up with my having a photography business. On the side I used my creative abilities and desire to help others by launching a Continue reading

A new journey to make sparks around the world.

We all see the horror and sadness that happens in this world from our own kind and many of us are concerned about where humanity is headed but there are truly millions more out there that are amazing human beings yet we don’t often hear about the good, the peace, the love and the beauty of not only people but the world and what it has to offer. Since my awakening, I’ve been on a mission and what exactly that mission was, I still can’t tell you but as I was sitting at home last night, something told me to write a blog. Write about all the great people, places and things this world has to offer because there really is an abundance of it.

This summer I vowed to myself to set 95% of my time that I have to myself (away from Continue reading

The simplest act of kindness can truly change a day

I love signs. Not STOP signs and such but signs the Universe gives to you when you really need it. One of my projects from my Sprinkles of Kindness was Happy Hearts, they were hearts I printed, cut out, wrote a message on and laminated.

One evening I took my two kids out for a walk and I told my daughter (4 years old) about these hearts and what they were for. I simply told her that these hearts would be found by anyone who needed that message at that time. Of course more question started pouring out of her mouth because she Continue reading

How Rocks have Filled a Void #rocksofkindness

I’ve always had this longing to help people and over the past 6 years I have tried a lot of different things to make an impact on others in any helpful way possible. I started a project called Sprinkle of Kindness which is a mix of Random Acts of Kindness and acts of kindness that are specific to people or organizations. It’s been a year since my last event as I was going through my separation and trying to get myself on a new Continue reading